Wednesday 18 November 2020

I is for... Isabella

Daughter of a Venetian gondolier named Guido. Her father thought himself extremely fortunate that he managed to enrol her at the exclusive school for young ladies run by Rosanna Calvierri - a noted benefactor to the city.
However, he was shocked to discover that he could never see Isabella again. An attempt to make contact with her one day led to him discovering that she had become highly photosensitive, and her school friends appeared to be vampires. This was witnessed by the Doctor, who decided to investigate.
Amy Pond was enrolled in the school in order to find a way to help the Doctor, Guido and Rory to find a way in. She discovered that Rosanna and her son, Francesco, were really water-loving alien Saturnyns. They were converting young women so they would be suitable for breeding with Saturnyn males. They attempted to convert Amy but she was rescued by Isabella. As they tried to leave the school, however, the sun had come up and Isabella was forced to retreat. For her act of betrayal against them, the Calvierris had her thrown into a canal, where she was devoured by Saturnyn young.

Played by: Alisha Bailey. Appearances: The Vampires of Venice (2010).

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