Wednesday 18 November 2020

I is for... Isaac

Marshal of the town of Mercy, Nevada, in 1870. When the Doctor arrived in Mercy and identified himself as an alien doctor, the citizens threw him beyond a barrier which they had erected around the town, where he was threatened by a cyborg gunslinger. Isaac rescued him and back at his office he revealed that he was sheltering the alien doctor which the gunslinger wanted to kill - Khaler-Jex. Jex had arrived some time before, and had given the town an electricity supply, as well as curing a serious infection.
However, the Doctor later discovered that Jex was really a war criminal, and the gunslinger sought revenge for the atrocities he had committed. When the Doctor had him thrown over the boundary, Isaac sacrificed himself to save the alien doctor, taking the shot intended for him. As he died, he passed his badge on to the Doctor and asked him to continue to protect Jex.

Played by: Ben Browder. Appearances: A Town Called Mercy (2012).
  • Browder first came to fame as the astronaut John Crichton in Farscape (1999 - 2003). He later went into Stargate, and has featured in Arrow
  • He turned down another role to play Isaac as he had always wanted to do a Western.

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