Sunday 29 November 2020

Revolution News & Trailer

A trailer has been released for this year's festive special, Revolution of the Daleks. It confirms the rumours that Chris Noth would be reprising his role as the Trump-like Jack Robertson, last seen in Arachnids in the UK. A lot of people hated that story (it regularly came in second from last in season polls), and many of these were US fans - so it'll be interesting to see what the reaction to this news will be.
Also joining the cast is Harriet Walter, who appears to be playing Britain's latest Prime Minister.
The trailer depicts several scenes set on the prison world, which some fans think might be Shada, and these are the only ones to feature the Doctor. Graham, Yaz and Ryan are left to defend the world, still in possession of the TARDIS they used to escape from Gallifrey. It looks like they team up with Captain Jack for much of the story. I had assumed that the Doctor would have been broken out of jail by Jack in the pre-credit sequence, but perhaps she only turns up near the end to resolve the problems posed by the Daleks. 

The new black Dalek, first seen on location and currently starring on the cover of the Radio Times, is seen. We also see Yaz attacked by a casing-less Dalek mutant. The black Dalek is a repurposed version of the remote control one seen in Resolution.
From the trailer it looks like the Prime Minister has been duped by Robertson into accepting Daleks as "defence drones" - shades of Victory of the Daleks' Ironsides.

It has also been confirmed that this will be the final story for Graham and Ryan. Of the three companions, Yaz was the most underdeveloped - and yet she's the one they are sticking with.
Will a new male companion be joining, and if so will it be in this story or in the opening episode of Series 13? If he's joining in this story, then might it be Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, who appears in these images with Noth?

UPDATE: It's now confirmed this episode will be broadcast at New Year, rather than Christmas, as with the last couple of Specials. 

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