Wednesday 18 November 2020

I is for... Ironsides

 "Ironsides" was the name given to the war machines invented by Professor Bracewell, to help Winston Churchill win the Second World War. Bracewell was continually coming up with scientific ideas. When the Doctor arrived in wartime London, at the behest of the Prime Minister, he was horrified to find that the Ironsides were actually Daleks. Bracewell had given them a khaki camouflage design, with utility belts below the neck section. A Union Jack was added beneath the eye-stalk, and they could be fitted with canvas coverings for their dome lights to comply with blackout rules.
They were allowed to roam freely around Churchill's War Rooms, and came across as helpful servants, as well as being lethal weapons - able to shoot down entire squadrons of enemy aircraft.
The Doctor had to find a way to reveal their true nature to Churchill. However, they were part of a ploy to get the Doctor to confirm their identity, so that a progenitor device on their spaceship would recognise them as Daleks. This was necessary as their DNA had become corrupted over time. Bracewell was really an android created by them, implanted with false memories.
The progenitor created a whole new Dalek race which saw the Ironsides and their like as genetically inferior, and they allowed themselves to be destroyed them.

Appearances: Victory of the Daleks (2010).
  • The Ironsides were inspired by the Daleks of The Power of the Daleks, which pretended to be subservient to humans.

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