Thursday 26 November 2020

Planet of the Mechanoids / DALEKS!

The third episode of the Daleks animated series sees the Emperor head for Mechanus, seeking assistance from the Mechonoids (although they're named Mechanoids in the title).
While it has a lengthy chat with the blue Mechanoid leader, the Strategist insists that a scientist helps repair the planet's defence screens - despite the fact that it was the Daleks who broke it in the first place.
Whilst these two characters have their lengthy chats, the rest of the Daleks throw a wobbly and decide to attack the Mechonoids for no real reason - resulting in them all being wiped out. Stupid Daleks.
The Emperor then tells the blue leader that the green lighting effect extra-temporal entity has followed it.
And that's it. A rather pointless one-sided battle, and some robots talking to each other.
It was basically a retread of the conversation between the Emperor and the archive robot in the first instalment. The Mechonoids on screen were one-hit wonders, who featured only in a single episode. They were simply servo-robots left to get on with their mission, and weren't hot on conversation.
The ones in this have been taken from those '60's Dalek comic stories, where they have a rival space empire. Having a Mechonoid, with a female voice, chat about beauty, just didn't look or sound right at all. The only way they can make these things - Dalek and Mechonoid - interesting is to change everything about them.
I'll stick with this, but it's not something I could ever see myself revisit.

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