Wednesday 18 November 2020

I is for... Irongron

Irongron was a robber-baron in medieval England. He and his mercenaries took advantage of a foreign war to take over the territories of nobles whose troops were fighting abroad. One castle he seized was neighbour to that belonging to Sir Edward of Wessex, and Irongron had set his sights on this. One night he and his men saw a shooting star fall into the forest nearby. Whilst he was determined to go and investigate straight away, his superstitious men, including his dim-witted henchman Bloodaxe, refused to go. The following morning they rode out and discovered a crash-landed Sontaran spaceship, and its owner Linx.
Linx agreed to provide Irongron with weapons in return for the facilities to repair his ship. The robber-baron was first given an android, but a stray crossbow bolt caused it to go haywire. Later Linx supplied him with rifles. Their relationship was a fiery one. An attack on Sir Edward's castle was foiled by the Doctor. When it was time to leave, Irongron finally turned against Linx, but the Sontaran shot him dead.
His men fled as the spaceship blew up the castle.

Played by: David Daker. Appearances: The Time Warrior (1974).
  • The part was originally offered to Bob Hoskins, but he was unavailable. Instead, he recommended Daker to the director.
  • Daker returned to the programme during Tom Baker's tenure, as Captain Rigg in Nightmare of Eden.
  • The exact historical period of The Time Warrior is never specified. Many assume that it is the time of the Crusades, though it could be during King John's disastrous continental campaign.

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