Wednesday 18 November 2020

I is for... Isolus

Isolus are a space-dwelling species which travel inside egg-like pods in huge family groupings. They thrive on the companionship of these groups, and cannot bear to be alone. One particular specimen was accidentally diverted from its course and crash-landed on Earth, the heat-seeking pod landing in some fresh tar on an East London street. Despite being mid-summer, the pod absorbed all the heat from the area, and it drained the energy from vehicles which passed over it.
The Isolus creature found a lonely and withdrawn young girl named Chloe Webber, who lived on the street. It merged with her and gave her strange psychokinetic powers. Desperate for companionship, it made Chloe draw local children who were then transplanted to another dimension. Its needs grew, and a few children weren't enough. Soon, it had made Chloe draw the whole of the Olympic stadium and its population, yet this still wasn't enough. Chloe captured the Doctor, to prevent him interfering with the Isolus' plans, as only the entire world would satisfy it.
Rose Tyler and a council workman dug up the pod, and the Isolus left Chloe and rejoined it. It homed in on the Olympic torch which was passing the end of the street, and this gave it an energy boost. It released its captives, and the Doctor used the Olympic flame in the stadium to give it the energy to leave Earth and rejoin its kin in space.

Appearances: Fear Her (2006).

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