Tuesday 23 October 2018

G is for... Ganatus

An adventurous young Thal, encountered by the Doctor and his companions on the planet Skaro. He was a lot more proactive than many of the more conservative members of his race, and was instrumental in getting his people to assist the time-travellers when they became trapped on the planet, after leaving a vital TARDIS component in the Dalek city. He realised that an attack could be made via the Lake of Mutations, on the far side of the city, despite having experienced the horrors which dwelt there. He led the expedition to break into the city by this dangerous route, accompanied by Ian and Barbara, and by his more timid younger brother Antodus. Ganatus was fiercely protective of Antodus, so was angered when he wanted to abandon the rest of the party and turn back. When a rockfall put an end to this plan, Ganatus was prepared to claim that his brother had actually saved him from it. Later, he witnessed Antodus' death when he fell into a chasm. The journey brought Ganatus and Barbara closer together, and he seemed to hope that she would remain with him on Skaro after the Daleks had been defeated. Barbara clearly had some affection towards him, but she left in the TARDIS with the others, after he had given her a gift of some cloth with which to make a new dress.

Played by: Philip Bond. Appearances: The Daleks (1963/4).

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