Tuesday 16 October 2018

F is for... Frax

Sadistic chief of security in the Mentor lair on Thoros-Beta. He arrested the Doctor and Peri soon after they arrived, when he found them standing over the body of the Raak. This was a genetically enhanced sea creature which had attacked them, though Frax suspected they had attacked it first. He later succeeded in preventing a revolt when he recaptured Peri, along with King Yrcanos and a young Thoros-Alphan named Tuza. The uprising occurred anyway when the machine controlling the slave workers was destroyed. Frax was killed by Yrcanos when he attacked the scientist Crozier's laboratory, where the Mentor ruler Kiv's mind had been transferred into Peri's body.

Played by: Trevor Laird. Appearances: Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 5 - 8) AKA Mindwarp (1986).
  • Laird returned to the programme in 2007 when he played Clive, the father of Martha Jones.

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