Tuesday 23 October 2018

G is for... Games Controller

A young woman who processed all of the many TV channels operating out of the Game Station - the space station which had broadcast news 100 years before as Satellite 5. She had been installed there as a child, physically linked to the systems and living almost her entire life in the darkness of the control room at the top of the station, on Floor 500. She knew that the station was really under the control of the Daleks, and when the Doctor and his companions, Rose and Captain Jack, were brought she endeavoured to conceal them within the games.  When the broadcasts were temporarily suspended due to solar flare activity, she tried to inform the Doctor of the threat, but the Daleks transmated her away to the Emperor's command ship, where they exterminated her.

Played by: Martha Cope. Appearances: Bad Wolf (2005).
  • Martha is the daughter of actor Kenneth Cope, best known for playing the ghost detective Marty Hopkirk, in Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased). He featured in the 1981 Doctor Who story Warriors' Gate.

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