Wednesday 10 October 2018

F is for... Frame, Midshipman

Midshipman Frame was a junior officer on the spaceship Titanic, a replica of the doomed ship which sank in 1912. It set out on a voyage from the planet Sto to Earth, arriving in orbit in time for Christmas Day, 2008. The Captain, Hardaker, dismissed all the bridge crew but Frame insisted on following the rules to the letter, remaining at his post as there should always be at least two crew on duty. However, Hardaker was dying, and had agreed to sabotage the vessel in exchange for money for his family. He shot and wounded Frame as he dropped the shields and magnetised the hull, causing a trio of meteoroids to strike the ship. The Captain died in the collision, and Frame found himself trapped alone on the bridge, unable to leave as a group of Heavenly Host hospitality robots attempted to break in and kill him. He was able to keep the engines running, and so stop the ship from plummeting onto the planet below. This would not last long, however. Once the Doctor and waitress Astrid Peth had disposed of shipping owner Max Capricorn - the person behind the sabotage - control of the Host reverted to the Doctor and he used them to help break onto the bridge. The Doctor managed to restart the engines and prevent the ship from striking the Earth. Frame then sent out a distress signal. The Doctor was delighted to discover that the young man's first name was Alonso, as he had always wanted to say "Allons-y Alonso!" to someone.
Some time later, as the Doctor was dying from radiation sickness, he visited many of the people whom he had known in his tenth incarnation. One of these was Captain Jack Harkness, who had left Earth in grief after the death of his grandson. He located him in a bar on an alien world, and Alonso Frame was also present. The Doctor hooked the pair up, by way of a parting gift to them both.

Played by: Russell Tovey. Appearances: Voyage of the Damned (2007) and The End of Time Part II (2009).

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