Wednesday 10 October 2018

F is for... Frankenstein Monster

Fleeing through Time and Space, with the Daleks in hot pursuit, the TARDIS materialised in a sinister Gothic castle. Exploring, the Doctor and Ian Chesterton discovered a laboratory which contained an operating table with a shrouded body lying upon it. When they approached, the figure raised itself up, and they were shocked to see that it was the Frankenstein Monster. It lowered itself back when they withdrew. Later, the Daleks arrived in their time ship, and this prompted the Monster to rise again. This time it attacked the alien interlopers, destroying one of them. The Doctor and his companions fled back to the TARDIS, unwittingly leaving Vicki behind in the confusion. The Doctor had been of the opinion that they had arrived in the realm of the imagination - the castle and its occupants created from human nightmares. Ian thought the answer to be more prosaic, and he was right. They had really been in the Haunted House attraction of a derelict Fun Fair - that of the Festival of Ghana, 1996 - and the Monster had merely been a robotic exhibit.

Played by: John Maxim. Appearances: The Chase (1965).
  • The BBC were very naughty in having their Monster looking like the Universal movies one. The classic flat head, bolts through the neck, make-up was copyrighted - which is why Hammer Studios had to come up with something different for Christopher Lee.
  • I'll be looking at the Frankenstein story in more depth when my "Inspirations" posts reach The Brain of Morbius.

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