Tuesday 16 October 2018

F is for... Futurekind

A degenerate branch of the human race, who were able to survive until the end of the universe. A savage people, they decorated their flesh with tattoos and piercings. Having reverted to cannibalism generations ago, their teeth were now sharp fangs. A small band inhabited the planet of Malcassairo. They hunted for stragglers in the wastelands near to the silo where the last humans were sheltering, preparing to take a rocket flight to a place known as "Utopia", where the only other known people were. Not all the Futurekind had tattoos and piercings, so anyone arriving at the silo had their teeth checked before being given admittance. One of them managed to sneak in, however, and she sabotaged the rocket preparations. The Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack Harkness assisted Professor Yana with the repairs, and the vessel took off. yana turned out to be the Master, his personality hidden for many years by a chameleon arch. Once his true nature was unleashed, he unlocked the silo gates to admit the Futurekind before stealing the TARDIS - leaving the Doctor and his companions at the mercy of the creatures. They escaped at the last minute using Jack's Vortex Manipulator - leaving the Futurekind alone on the planet. Presumably they would have turned on themselves, if they did not already do this.

Played by: Paul Marc Davies (leader) and Abigail Canton (female Futurekind). Appearances: Utopia (2007).
  • Davies played the Trickster in three stories of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and was also seen as Corakinus, king of the Shadowkin, in Class. Added to that an appearance as a cowled figure in the Torchwood episode Exit Wounds, he is the only actor to have appeared in all of the Doctor Who related series, discounting the regular monster performers.

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