Tuesday 16 October 2018

F is for... Frazer, Colin

Colin Frazer was the cousin of Tegan Jovanka. After being left behind at Heathrow Airport, she had subsequently lost her job, and so to cheer herself up she arranged to meet Colin in Amsterdam, as he backpacked around Europe with a friend named Robin. Prior to her arrival, Colin lost his passport. Worried about the authorities, Robin persuaded him that they could stay overnight in the crypt of an old city mansion. They were awoken in the night by the arrival of a TARDIS, that of the Gallifreyan Omega. Colin was captured by Omega's servant, the Ergon, and mentally enslaved to assist the creature in preparing for Omega's escape from the universe of anti-matter. Later, Tegan was reunited with him when she too was captured. Colin was freed after Omega's ship had been wrecked by the Doctor's sabotage, and the Ergon destroyed.

Played by: Alastair Cumming. Appearances: Arc of Infinity (1983).
  • There was a long-standing myth among fans that Alastair was the son of director Fiona Cumming, who worked on the series during the Peter Davison era. Not so.

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