Monday 15 October 2018

Episodes 3 - 6 Synopses

If you've read my reviews for Series 11 so far, then you'll know that I am taking a little time warming to the new set up. We now have brief synopses of the next four episodes, and I must admit that they do look intriguing. We already know a little about Episode 3 - Rosa - as we have seen the trailer. It is centred around Rosa Parks and events in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955, and involves a man played by Josh Bowman out to change history. Malorie Blackman and Chris Chibnall co-write.

I'm particularly looking forward, despite being a terrible arachnophobe, to the fourth episode as it is all about spiders and is set back in present day Sheffield. It looks like Yaz is going to get some attention as her family is mentioned. The story is called Arachnids In The UK, and is written by Chibnall. The image above suggests that it might have something to do with genetic engineering of our 8-legged friends.

Episode 5 sees us back on an alien planet. It's called The Tsuranga Conundrum and it's also written by Chibnall. The synopsis states that the Doctor and her companions are injured and stranded in a far-flung galaxy, and have to band together with a group of strangers against an unusual and deadly creature.

Demons of the Punjab fills the sixth slot. Another historical story, it is set in the Punjab in 1947 - the time of independence and partition. The synopsis mentions Yaz's grandmother, and the Doctor discovering there are demons in the region. The writer for this one is Vinay Patel.
Interesting that two of the three known-of history-based stories should focus on more recent events (the third being the one with King James VI and I, so it's either going to be about the Gunpowder Plot or witches).
I might actually be starting to get excited about Series 11...

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