Tuesday 23 October 2018

G is for... Galleia

Galleia was the wife of King Dalios, and Queen of Atlantis. She was much younger than her husband, and had taken a young nobleman named Hippias as a lover. When the Master appeared in the city Galleia switched her attentions to him. He had brought back the missing High Priest Krassis, and spoke of restoring Atlantis to its former glory. The Master seduced her, and on his recommendation she sent Hippias on a reckless mission to steal the Great Crystal of Kronos from the Temple of Poseidon, where it was guarded by a Minotaur. This resulted in the young man's death. Galleia then assisted the Master in staging a coup, taking him as her new consort. When the Doctor and Jo Grant revealed that the old king had died in the palace dungeons, Galleia turned against the Master - as she had not wished her husband harmed. However, the Master released the captive Chronovore Kronos, and it destroyed Atlantis. Galleia perished in its ruins.

Played by: Ingrid Pitt. Appearances: The Time Monster (1972).
  • Pitt was an old friend of Jon Pertwee's, having worked with him on the Amicus horror anthology movie The House That Dripped Blood - both playing horror actors who become vampires. The self-styled Queen of Scream, she had appeared in a number of horror movies, including The Vampire LoversCountess Dracula and The Wicker Man.
  • She returned to Doctor Who in the Peter Davison story Warriors of the Deep, when she requested a change of roles - preferring the smaller part of villainous Dr Solow to the more substantial role of Preston. The notorious judo moves she makes on the Myrka were her own idea.
  • Just after this appearance, she and her husband Tony Rudlin submitted a story idea to the programme - "The Macros". It wasn't commissioned, though an audio version was produced by Big Finish in 2010, the year of her death.

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