Monday, 27 November 2017

C is for... Corakinus

King of the Shadow Kin, who originated on a planet of perpetual night in a domain known as the Underneath. The Shadow Kin could infiltrate a world as shadows, materialising in their solid form to attack. They invaded the planet Rhodia and wiped out its entire population - save for its prince and his Quill protector. The Doctor saved them and relocated them to Earth, the prince taking the name Charlie. He attended Coal Hill Academy, where Miss Quill took up a teaching post. Charlie had with him a device called the Cabinet of Souls, which Corakinus feared would be used as a weapon against his people. He launched an attack through the tears in the fabric of Space / Time centred on the area due to the TARDIS' frequent visits there. Corakinus killed Ram Singh's girlfriend, and severed the young man's leg before the Doctor appeared. He used light to banish the Shadow Kin back to their own domain. A freak shot from a displacement gun caused Corakinus' heart to merge with that of student April MacLean, however. They came to share the same heart, and this gave April a psychic link to the Shadow Kin ruler.

Corakinus employed his scientists to try to undo the link, killing them when they failed. This link grew stronger, and Corakinus then used it to try to break through to the school once again. April travelled to the Underneath and fought Corakinus in single combat. She won, and Corakinus was deposed. He managed to reassert his control and launched a further attack, targeting the family members of Charlie's friends. Charlie became infected with Shadow DNA. Corakinus was holding his boyfriend hostage but Charlie shot April through the heart at her instigation - killing her and Corakinus. He decided to use the Cabinet, even though it would mean killing himself. The Shadow Kin were destroyed in their entirety but Charlie survived. April appeared to have died, but she suddenly woke up in Corakinus' body.

Played by: Paul Marc Davies. Appearances: Class: For Tonight We Might Die, Co-owner of a Lonely Heart, Brave-ish Heart, The Lost.

  • Sadly poor April will be left in Corakinus' body, as the series is not going to be renewed for a second season. It would be nice if Chris Chibnall could find a way to wrap things up.
  • Davies had played the leader of the Futurekind in Utopia, and he was The Trickster in three appearances in The Sarah Jane Adventures.

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