Sunday, 5 November 2017

C is for... Colbert, Leon

Colbert was a member of  group which worked to save prisoners from the Terror in Revolutionary France. They would free them as they left the prisons for the guillotine, then plan an escape route for them out of the country. The group was led by Jules Renan. He became concerned when he brought Barbara Wright and Susan to his home, as they claimed to have been captured in one of his safe houses north of Paris. He suspected that there might be a spy in his organisation. Leon visited the house and became friends with Barbara. He proposed that the sickly Susan go with Barbara and see a doctor, but the medic handed them both over to the soldiers. Renan arranged for Ian Chesterton to meet with Leon so that he could help him get a message to an English spy named Stirling. Ian walked into a trap, as Colbert had been the spy in Renan's group - feeding information back to Robespierre's forces. Colbert wanted information from Ian, and was prepared to torture him for it. Renan turned up in time and shot Colbert dead.
Barbara was initially upset at the news of his death, considering that he had only done what he felt to be right.

Played by: Edward Brayshaw. Appearances: The Reign of Terror (1964).

  • Brayshaw would return to play renegade Time Lord the War Chief in The War Games in 1969. 
  • He is best known for his role as Mr Meaker in the BBC TV series Rentaghost.

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