Monday, 27 November 2017

C is for... Copley, Professor

Head of the powerful pharmaceutical company The Pharm, Prof. Aaron Copley had succeeded in obtaining a number of alien creatures which had come through the Cardiff Rift. He experimented on these in order to find new drugs. He had influential supporters who could shield his activities at government level. One of the drugs he was working on was called Reset. This was derived from a giant alien insect known as a Mayfly. Reset was found to treat incurable diseases. However, Mayfly larvae grew within the bodies of the trial patients and eventually killed them. Torchwood were alerted to the Pharm when a number of bodies began to turn up which had no apparent cause of death. Martha Jones of UNIT arrived in Cardiff to join Captain Jack and his team in investigating these. She and Owen Harper discovered the link between the victims - that they had all acted as guinea-pigs in drug trials, and that one of them had been cured of a disease that should have been untreatable. Copley had employed an assassin to eliminate the Reset trialists.
Martha went under cover to learn more, pretending to be a drug trialist at The Pharm. She broke into the secure area and saw the captured aliens. Torchwood raided the company when she was discovered. Copley pulled out a gun and fired at Martha, but Owen jumped into the path of the bullet. Jack shot and killed Copley, but they were unable to save Owen.

Played by: Alan Dale. Appearances: TW 2.6 Reset (2008).

  • New Zealander Dale first came to the attention of UK viewers thanks to his long-running role in the Australian soap Neighbours. He has since accrued a number of genre roles, appearing in Lost and The X-Files, as well as movie parts in Star Trek: Nemesis and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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