Sunday, 5 November 2017

C is for... Cobb

General Cobb was the commander of the human forces on the planet Messaline, who had been waging a war against the fish-like Hath for generations. The two races had arrived together to colonise this world but a conflict had broken out whose origins no-one could remember. Both sides sought a mythical object known as the Source. Cobb would tolerate no pacifist notions, and had the Doctor and Donna locked up when they questioned the war. He also imprisoned Jenny, a young woman who had been created from the Doctor's DNA to fight in the conflict, due to her association with the prisoners. Donna worked out that the war had only been raging for a matter of days instead of years, whilst the Doctor discovered that the Source was really a terraforming device. As the Doctor started to get the humans and the Hath to live together, Cobb refused to change his ways. He tried to shoot the Doctor, but Jenny threw herself in front of him and was seemingly killed. Cobb was taken into custody.

Played by: Nigel Terry. Appearances: The Doctor's Daughter (2008).

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