Sunday, 5 November 2017

C is for... Colasanto, Rocco

In an alternate time-line where the Doctor did not stop the spaceship Titanic from crashing into the heart of London, Donna Noble and her family were out of town thanks to winning a Christmas holiday in a raffle.
However, they were now homeless, with no possessions save what they had taken on holiday with them. They were relocated by the authorities to Leeds. Expecting a house of their own, they found that they were actually going to be sharing with two other families. They were welcomed by Rocco Colasanto. He had owned a newsagents in West London before the disaster.
Wilf got on well with Rocco, and on one occasion they sat up all night singing songs with their families. When it became clear that the rest of the world could not help the UK, the government decided to adopt policies that discriminated against foreign nationals. Rocco and his family were taken away to be interned in a labour camp. Seeing how this upset her grandfather finally prompted Donna to agree to co-operate with Rose Tyler, who had been trying to recruit her help over the last few months.

Played by: Joseph Long. Appearances: Turn Left (2008).

  • Long returned to the programme in 2017, playing the Pope in Extremis.

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