Monday, 13 November 2017

C is for... Commandant

The official responsible for the day to day running of Gatwick Airport, south of London. He was based in the air traffic control centre, and was assisted by the capable Jean Rock. Under the Commandant, the airport ran smoothly, until one day there was a near miss on the runway when an inbound aircraft almost hit a Police Box. Assuming this to be some student prank, the Commandant ordered that the Police remove their Box. Later, passport control reported a couple of unauthorised people who appeared to have disembarked from a flight from Switzerland without passports. This was the Doctor and Jamie. Polly had seen a man murdered in the hangar belonging to Chameleon Tours. She disappeared after informing the Doctor. He attempted to warn the Commandant, but he refused to accept his story of ray guns and murder as there was no body. However, the Doctor was soon able to convince him that the airport was being used as a base by aliens after showing him one of their freezing weapons. The Commandant was talked into co-operating with the Doctor by Inspector Crossland. He ordered the search of the airport for the people who had been abducted by the Chameleons in order to have their identities copied. He helped play for time until the people had been located - which forced the Chameleons to negotiate with the Doctor.

Played by: Colin Gordon. Appearances: The Faceless Ones (1967).

  • Gordon appeared in a huge number of British films and TV series between 1947 and 1970, usually playing stuffy officials of one type or another. He was Number Two twice in The Prisoner, and a regular on The Baron
  • The Commandant's name is never mentioned. The novelisation gives him the name Charles Gordon, clearly inspired by the actor who played him.

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