Sunday, 5 November 2017

C is for... Colby, Adam

Adam Colby was a scientist who had helped to date a prehistoric skull to some 12 million years old. He was employed by Prof Fendelman to assist in experiments at the mansion he had bought on the outskirts of the village of Fetchborough. Fendelman had made his fortune in the armaments business, but had now decided to study the human race's ancient origins. Fendelman began to conduct secretive experiments using a sonic time scanner with another scientist named Max Stael - which Colby and his colleague Thea Ransome seemed to be excluded from. This brought he and Thea closer together as friends.
Colby enjoyed baiting old Mrs Tyler, who acted as house-keeper.
One morning Colby was walking the professor's dog when he found a corpse in the woods. It had been drained of its life-force. Fendelman then insisted on locking down the mansion - bringing in security guards and allowing no-one to leave or enter the grounds without his consent. Later, Colby saw Thea collapse and strange slug-like creatures materialised on her body. The Doctor arrived and recognised these as Fendahleen. Colby learned that the skull was not of terrestrial origins, but had come from another planet, now destroyed, on which evolution created a creature that fed on life itself.
Stael intended to resurrect this creature - the Fendahl - using Thea as its human core. Colby was captured, but the Doctor and Leela rescued him. He was tasked by the Doctor with activating the time scanner, as the Doctor had deduced that it would result in an implosion that would destroy the creature. Colby did as he was asked, then ran to take cover with Mrs Tyler and her son Jack in their cottage.

Played by: Edward Arthur. Appearances: Image of the Fendahl (1977).

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