Monday, 13 November 2017

C is for... Condo

Servant to Dr Mehendri Solon on the planet Karn. Solon had pulled Condo from the wreck of a Dravidian slaveship. He claimed to have had to amputate Condo's left arm in order to save his life. This was replaced with a fierce hook. Condo longed to have the new arm which Solon claimed to have for him, and would go looking for it when his master was busy elsewhere. Condo was tasked with obtaining body parts from the victims of other space wrecks on the planet, which Solon could use in his great work. This was to construct a new body in which to house the brain of the rogue Time Lord Morbius. Condo was of limited intelligence, and his loyalty was only bought with the promise that he would get his new arm. He was quite prepared to kill Solon if the surgeon threatened him - as when he offered to substitute his servant for the Doctor when the latter was going to be sacrificed by the Sisterhood. In his own brutish way, Condo became quite protective towards Sarah after she had been blinded.
Condo finally turned against Solon when he discovered that the arm promised to him had been used for Morbius' new body. Solon was forced to shoot him. Condo survived, badly wounded. When the Morbius monster threatened Sarah, Condo went to her rescue - only to be killed himself by the creature.

Played by: Colin Fay. Appearances: The Brain of Morbius (1976).

  • Fay was new to TV acting. His background was in opera. He later became a Production Manager with the BBC, and one of his jobs was to oversee the 1987 Victoria Wood Doctor Who sketch which featured Jim Broadbent as the Doctor.

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