Monday, 28 May 2018

D is for... Dymond

Pilot of the spaceship Hecate, which collided with the starliner Empress whilst in orbit around the planet Azure. The two vessels became fused together. Dymond travelled to the space cruiser to complain to its captain, Rigg, as it was the Empress which had been off course. In trying to free the two vessels, the Doctor discovered that someone on the cruiser was smuggling the highly addictive and lethal drug Vraxoin. When the ships separated, the Doctor became trapped on the Hecate and learned that Dymond was involved in the smuggling operation. A passenger on the Empress, a scientist named Tryst, was his co-conspirator. He had a machine which captured examples of flora and fauna from a number of planets, stored on crystals. Amongst the creatures the machine held were the Mandrels. When they died, their bodies broke down into a grey powder - Vraxoin. When Tryst and Dymond attempted to flee, the Doctor trapped them in the scientist's own machine - allowing them to be taken into custody by the Azure customs officers Fisk and Costa.

Played by: Geoffrey Bateman. Appearances: Nightmare of Eden (1979).

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