Sunday, 6 May 2018

D is for... Dojjen

Dojjen had been Director of Historical Research on the planet Manussa, and had studied the legends of the Mara. He was convinced that the creatures still posed a threat to his world. Determined to stop this happening, he gave up his post and went out into the desert to become a hermit, studying with the Snakedancers. Imprisoned by his successor, the Doctor was given his notebook to read, and he realised that the old man was right. Once free, he, Nyssa and his old assistant Chela, went into the desert to find him. Dojjen gave the Doctor a small blue crystal, a splinter of the larger crystal which could bring the Mara back. He also gave him the clues he needed to overcome their mental power so that they were banished once more.

Played by: Preston Lockwood. Appearances: Snakedance (1983).

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