Sunday, 6 May 2018

D is for... Doland

A member of Professor Lasky's agronomy team, who were transporting Vervoid pods on the starliner Hyperion III in the year 2986. The team planned to exploit the Vervoids as a workforce back on Earth. The Doctor and his companion Mel were summoned to the vessel by an investigator named Hallett. He faked his death after being recognised by a fellow passenger and disguised himself as a Mogarian, but Doland saw through this and murdered him. His sabotage of the hydroponics bay also led to the death of crewman Edwardes. After his colleague Bruchner had tried to destroy the ship to prevent it taking the Vervoids to Earth, Doland then murdered the real Mogarian passengers. He was determined to benefit financially from the Vervoids. He thought that his efforts to prevent others from destroying them would make the creatures friendly towards him, but they hated all animal life and so he was also killed by them.

Played by: Malcolm Tierney. Appearances: The Trial of a Time Lord (Parts 9 - 12) - AKA Terror of the Vervoids.

  • Tierney was best known at the time for his role as the villain Tommy McArdle in the C4 soap Brookside.

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