Sunday, 6 May 2018

D is for... Dortmun

A scientist who led the resistance movement in the Dalek dominated city of London in the mid 22nd Century. He was mostly confined to a wheelchair, but could walk a little with the aid of a pair of sticks. Dortmun devised an acid-filled bomb which he believed would be effective against Dalek armour. A rebel attack on the Dalek saucer at the Chelsea landing area turned into a rout when the bombs were found to be useless. Their HQ no longer safe, Dortmun accompanied Barbra Wright and a resistance member named Jenny on a hazardous trip across the city to a second base in the old transport museum. He asked Barbara to give his notes to the Doctor, to see if he could make the bomb work. This is because he realised that his lack of mobility would get his companions killed or captured. When a Dalek patrol approached the museum, Dortmun took a brace of his bombs and went out alone to confront them. It proved a futile gesture, and he was exterminated.

Played by: Alan Judd. Appearances: The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964).

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