Sunday, 20 May 2018

D is for... Drax

A renegade Time Lord, who had known the Doctor during their time together at the Academy on Gallifrey. He called him by his nickname Thete (for Theta Sigma). Failing to graduate, he stole a TARDIS and went traveling through the universe, selling his technical skills to the highest bidder. After a brief spell in a London prison, where he picked up his cockney accent, his expertise brought him to the attention of the Shadow, who was an agent for the Black Guardian. He was commissioned to build the computer Mentalis on the planet Zeos, and this machine ran the war against neighbouring Atrios for many years. Once the work was done, he found himself incarcerated in the dungeons of the Shadow's artificial planet. He created a network of tunnels which allowed him to roam the complex. He was rescued by the Doctor, who had him construct a device from his TARDIS's relative dimensional stabiliser, which shrank them so that they could hide within K9. Later, Drax helped deactivate Mentalis and stop it from self-destructing. He then planned to go into business with the Atrian Marshal, dealing in salvage from the war.

Played by: Barry Jackson. Appearances: The Armageddon Factor (1979).
  • Jackson had previously played the mute assassin Ascaris in The Romans, and the doomed astronaut Garvey in Mission to the Unknown.
  • As scripted, Drax was to have had a mop of red hair.

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