Monday, 28 May 2018

D is for... Duroc

A legend claimed that in medieval times, a personification of Death had visited a small Welsh village after the local priest had used a metal gauntlet to restore life to a dead child - a girl named Faith. The creature - Duroc - claimed 12 lives before being stopped by the girl, as she could no longer be killed.
Centuries later, the same gauntlet was used by Captain Jack Harkness to bring Torchwood team member Owen Harper back to life. Martha Jones, on secondment to Torchwood from UNIT, identified that Owen's body was changing. He was slowly being taken over by something which he had brought back from the black void where he had gone when he died. He began speaking in a strange language, his eyes turning black, and he found he had influence over the normally savage Weevil creatures. When the process was completed, Duroc emerged - appearing as a skeletal figure shrouded in black smoke. The creature headed for the nearest hospital, sensing people near death, and began to harvest new victims. If it claimed 13 people, its power would be complete and it would be impossible to destroy. Remembering the legend, Owen confronted it. Like Faith, he could no longer be killed as he was already dead. He stopped it claiming its 13th victim, and it was sent back to the void.
Earlier, Suzie Costello informed Jack that she had also been to the void, and had sensed Duroc and said it would be coming for him. Owen translated the name Duroc as "Hunger".

Appearances: TW 2.7 Dead Man Walking.

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