Sunday, 20 May 2018

D is for... Drummond, Esther

Esther Drummond was a CIA analyst who uncovered information about the defunct Torchwood group when 'Miracle Day' occurred - the day when people across the globe stopped dying. She informed her colleague Rex Matheson about what she had discovered, prompting him to travel to Wales to seek out the surviving members of Torchwood. Captain Jack Harkness was already in America, however, and he saved Esther from a suicide bomber. He then attempted to erase her memory of him, but this failed. She and Rex then found that they had been discredited by their own agency and were forced to go on the run. They joined forces with Jack and Gwen Cooper to investigate who was behind the miracle. Esther almost compromised the team when she attempted to save her mentally ill sister, but later killed the doctor who had murdered her colleague Dr. Vera Juarez. When the team relocated to Scotland to hide out, Esther helped nurse Jack who had been shot. Unlike the rest of the world, he could die.
Esther helped bring the miracle to an end, but some time later she and Rex were both shot dead by members of the Three Families, who had been behind the miracle. Now immortal like Jack, Rex came back to life, but Esther could not be brought back.

Played by: Alexa Havins. Appearances: TW S4 Miracle Day (2011).

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