Thursday, 27 January 2022

J is for... Judson

The Doctor encountered Professor Judson at a high security military base in Northumbria during World War II. He was the inventor of a revolutionary computer known as the Ultima Machine, which was designed to break German U-Boat signal codes.
Judson had been at school with the base commander - Commander Millington, RN. The scientist blamed Millington for the accident on the sports field which had confined him to a wheelchair. He was constantly tended by a personal nurse named Crane. They bullied each other.
When the Ultima Machine was used to decipher some ancient Viking runes, it unleashed the formless evil known as Fenric, which had been imprisoned centuries ago by the Doctor. In need of a body, Fenric took over Judson's. One of his first acts was to kill Nurse Crane. 
He perished when Fenric discarded him in favour of a stronger form.

Played by: Dinsdale Landen. Appearances: The Curse of Fenric (1989).
  • Dinsdale Landen appeared in the second to last story of the classic era of Doctor Who - but he almost appeared in the second ever story at the opposite end of the series. He had been booked to play the Thal Ganatus in The Daleks, but had to pull out late in the day (replaced by Philip Bond).
  • Much of the background to Judson derives from the novelisation of the story, which goes further and has Judson and Millington as boyhood lovers.

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