Thursday, 27 January 2022

J is for... Juarez, Dr Vera

Dr Juarez assisted Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper of Torchwood during the global "Miracle Day" event. A surgeon, she became involved in this when she operated on CIA agent Rex Matheson. he had been involved in a car crash which should have proven fatal. Seeing that no-one was dying at her hospital she used contacts at other establishments to find out that this was not an isolated case. She notified Matheson and his fellow agent Esther Drummond.
Matheson introduced Juarez to the only person who did not seem to be affected - the now mortal Captain Jack. She helped save him from poisoning by the people behind the conspiracy.
Juarez joined Matheson, Drummond, Jack and Gwen in investigating the conspiracy, at one point becoming Matheson's lover. This investigation led her to a medical compound in the Californian desert where she discovered that those people who were braindead or otherwise no longer useful for society were being incinerated, despite being still alive. The doctor in charge shot Juarez, and then had her body incinerated as well.

Played by: Arlene Tur. Appearances: TW: Miracle Day Rendition to Immortal Sins (2011).

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