Monday, 20 September 2021

What's Wrong With... The Abominable Snowmen

The Abominable Snowmen was filmed in North Wales, and if you've seen any of the many images depicting the TARDIS landing site, you'll know that there wasn't a drop of snow anywhere in the area. The surviving episode also shows this. However, Victoria talks about huge footprints in the snow.
Trees are mentioned - and they're absent as well. So where does the shoring timber come from to hold up the roof of the cave where the pyramid of spheres is to be found?
Jamie and Victoria stumble upon this cave within minutes of leaving the TARDIS. Travers has been at the monastery for some time, yet he hasn't been able to find it. Surely the monks would know about it. Have they deliberately not told him about it and, if so, why?
It has taken the Great Intelligence some 200 years to prepare for its physical manifestation on Earth, including the building of the Yeti robots. Where would it have gotten the materials and equipment to construct these machines, and who built them? Was it Padmasambhava, all on his own?
The Yeti are designed to scare people away so the Intelligence can work undisturbed. This is one of the remotest areas on Earth, so who exactly is it they are supposed to be scaring away. The locals will already know all about Yeti and not be scared by them. If anything, Travers' presence suggest that the Yeti have had the exact opposite effect - attracting people to the region.
Khrisong has some anger management issues, as well as a lot of distrust, hate and paranoia. Hardly the sorts of attributes you'd expect from a Buddhist monk.
But then again he's the leader of the Warrior Monks. Why does a small remote monastery need a whole cadre of warriors, bearing in mind the last trouble we know about happened way back in 1630? 
Again, anything war-like does not appear compatible with Buddhist ideals.
Considering it went missing in 1630, young monk Thonmi seems to recognise the Ghanta remarkably quickly.. Are all novices shown a picture of it and told to keep an eye out for it?
Did Padmasambhava not know that it was the Doctor who took it for safekeeping?
Not so many issues with this story - but just wait until we get to its sequel, when this story will generate a whole load of other problems.

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