Tuesday, 28 September 2021

J is for... Jean & Phyllis

Jean and her friend Phyllis were evacuees from wartime London, who had been sent to live with a Miss Hardacre in the north east of England. They disliked the old woman due to her strict ways. The Doctor's companion Ace attempted to befriend them when she arrived in the area, but declined to join them when they decided to swim in the sea at maiden's Point. Miss Hardacre had specifically warned them against going there, and they were rebelling against her. Once in the water, they were attacked and turned into vampire-like Haemovores. They attacked and killed some of the Soviet commandoes who were on a mission in the area. Jean in particular took great pleasure in trying to undermine the faith of the Reverend Wainwright, the parish vicar. He was greatly disturbed by the civilian casualties from allied bombing. The girls broke his faith and killed him. 
Once the evil entity Fenric had no further need of the Haemovores, he had the Ancient One destroy them. Jean and Phyllis were reduced to dust.

Played by: Joann Kenny (Jean), Joanne Bell (Phyllis). Appearances: The Curse of Fenric (1989).

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