Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Knockout Tournaments

I've never posted any sort of ranking of stories / seasons / Doctors / companions etc. on this blog - so it's probably about time I did. 10 best or 10 worst listings seem to be very popular with bloggers and vloggers
Later I will try ranking Master / Dalek / Cybermen stories, but to start with I'm going to look at Seasons.
I was going to try covering all 38 series, from 1963 to 2020 - but this might be like comparing oranges to bananas. I'm therefore going to split the Classic Era from Nu-Who. We'll start with the 26 seasons of the Classic Era.
The format I've chosen is the sudden death knockout format. I placed pieces of paper numbered 1 - 26 in a bowl and drew out the following first round matches:
9 v 5
26 v 11
13 v 19
3 v 25
12 v 20
17 v 16
7 v 23
6 v 15
8 v 21
18 v 22
10 v 24
1 v 4
2 v 14
We'll therefore start by comparing Seasons 9 and 5, and I'll decide which is my favourite - giving reasons why. Winners will naturally go through to the next round.
Once we get started, I'm sure some of you will have opposing opinions, so do make use of the comments section to log your assent / dissent.
We'll get started later in the week, once I've had a chance to consider the relative merits of the seasons in the first match.

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