Sunday 19 August 2012

That Was The Week That Was 19.8.12

Biggest event of the week has obviously been the first screening of Asylum of the Daleks at the NFT in London. This coincided with a number of new images being released from the first 3 episodes of the new series, as well as brief story synopses and cast interview videos.
I ran a spoiler free summary of some of the various reviews last night.
There are 2 more preview screenings scheduled for the coming week - both on 25th August. One is at the Edinburgh Television Festival, and the other will be in New York. I've heard that the NY screening sold out within 20 minutes.

The actual BBC1 broadcast date remains elusive. It certainly won't be 25th August. We'll have some idea by tomorrow evening / Tuesday morning if September 1st is the date to diarise (the new issue of Radio Times will give us a clue).

DWM 451 will not be released this coming Thursday. I am very surprised that a magazine that has been running for decades should miss its print run at such a crucial time.
Hopefully the next issue of SFX won't suffer the same fate, as it has promised a wealth of new Who content. It's released on Wednesday 22nd.
Part 4 of the Star Trek / Doctor Who adventure 'Assimilation Squared' is also due.

Lastly, tomorrow sees the release of Planet of Giants on DVD, nicely timed for my imminent review of this story as part of my on-going look at the classic series as we build towards the 50th Anniversary. I am particularly keen to see how they will achieve the recreation of the missing episode's worth of material.

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