Saturday 25 August 2012

Dalek Week on TARDIS Musings

The Asylum of the Daleks is now less than a week away. The "Predator of the Daleks" trailer aired on the official website from this morning, and another publicity image has appeared. More photographs are expected from Tuesday, when the new Radio Times will feature the story (as will the other listings magazines, of course). DWM has 2 more covers to unveil, and the new issue should be in the shops on Thursday (hopefully).

This blog's journey through the classic series has now reached The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Story 10 will be posted tomorrow), and I am then going to take a look at the two Peter Cushing Dalek movies, as well as the whole 1960's "Dalekmania" phenomenon.

Alongside all this Dalek-related goodness, I will also be offering my thoughts on the Pond Life mini-episodes each day as they are released.

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