Thursday 30 August 2012

Series 7 Cinema-Style Posters

Well, Moffat did promise us "Blockbuster" episodes after all. Excellent cinema-style posters for the other 4 episodes of series 7 released by the BBC today. The Dalek one was issued a couple of weeks ago, and is available as a desktop download from the official website. These others aren't downloadable yet (found these decent sized ones on the website) . Perhaps HQ desktop downloads will be made available each week as we go along.
If you look at The Power of Three one, you'll notice that Rory is wearing his nurse uniform. This is certainly the most intriguing of the images. All those little pictures are of Amy and Rory from previous stories...

Update: Please take a look at Blogtor Who site - they have much better definition versions. You'll see what I mean about The Power of Three one.

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