Tuesday 14 August 2012

25th August - or not?

If Asylum of the Daleks is going to be broadcast on Saturday 25th August, why is there no mention of it in the "coming next week" section at the back of the new Radio Times which I bought this morning? Next Tuesday's issue will cover the period 25.8.12 to 31.8.12. The cover story appears to be the Paralympics, and Elton John will be interviewed, plus there will be a feature on Shirley MacLaine joining Downton Abbey - but no reference to the new series of Doctor Who. Every new series since 2005 has been included in the "coming next week" section - especially if it is going to be the cover story - even the 2009 specials.
The delay in publishing the next issue of DWM (451) also has me suspicious. It was due on 23rd August and now they cannot even promise to have it out by the 30th - maybe not until 6th September. 451 promises previews of the first couple of episodes. Are they really going to preview something which we will already have seen? Seems strange that the official magazine will miss its own party, as it were.  
Moffat has repeatedly stated that Doctor Who should be shown in the darker wintry evenings. How does a potentially sunny August Bank Holiday, when lots of people are going to be away from the telly, fit with this?

On the other hand, a Bank Holiday would be an obvious time to launch - we often get special stuff on B / Hols. BBC America also seems to be implying showing Doctor Who on the 25th. Matt Smith said at Comic-Con that he believed it was due to be starting in August.
Perhaps something will be mentioned at tonight's BFI preview.

Talking of which, spoilerphobes beware! There will be a lot written about the new episode from tonight onwards. I, for one, will be sticking strictly to spoiler free reviews.

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