Thursday, 30 August 2012

Pond Life 4

The Ood which the Doctor left behind in June, is still there in July, and has settled in nicely. It's doing all the chores, including bed-making, window cleaning, and making Amy & Rory's packed lunches. Lord knows what the neighbours are thinking... The Doctor is on the phone from the TARDIS (trying to avert an implosion) and explains that he picked the Ood up from the middle of the Androvax conflict (he of the Veil?). He'll be back to collect it that night - though not sure which night that actually is... Until then, Amy and Rory will just sit back and enjoy the service.

Looks like all these shorts are going to be humorous in nature. We know, however, that the Pond's marriage is as good as over by the start of Asylum of the Daleks (as illustrated by one of  the new clips shown on BBC Breakfast Time this morning). Will tomorrow's final part of Pond Life turn to darker matters?

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