Monday 27 August 2012

Pond Life 1

Did we just see what is probably the best Sontaran adventure never shown? Don't know about you, but the brief glimpse of the Doctor's escapades in the Fire Caverns of Floridal 9 (that's what it sounded like) looked ten times more exciting than The Sontaran Stratagem or The Invasion of Time. I'd love to have seen the whole thing.
As for the encounter in Paris with Mata Hari, probably best left unseen. I had loads of jokes prepared, based around the word "crumpet" - but have decided I am far too mature to go down that route...
The "laying down tracks" was just a bit of silliness.

So that was Pond Life part 1. The Doctor is off doing stuff, and he phones Amy and Rory occasionally to let them know what he has been up to.
This was not as inconsequential as I feared. We really are seeing a unique Doctor / companion relationship here. For the first time ever, the Doctor is seen to be travelling on his own (apart from The Deadly Assassin it has only ever been implied in the past, in dialogue regarding untelevised adventures - and even then always when he is between companions). All of the other companions he leaves behind (even his granddaughter, Susan) and moves on - but with Amy & Rory he has maintained this odd on /off relationship. I can only assume it is because he has "married" their daughter - so there is very much a different kind of connection between them.
Am really looking forward to tomorrow's minisode.

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