Friday 31 August 2012

Pond Life 5

Yesterday I asked if things were going to get darker for the Ponds. Well, so it begins. The Doctor has returned the Ood to the Collective and has come for a visit. There's no-one at home at the Pond's, so he leaves a message. He's been to the Battle of Hastings, 1066; ridden through Coventry (in the nude perhaps?); and accidentally invented pasta for what looked like Genghis Khan.
What he doesn't know is that Amy & Rory's marriage is in meltdown. He deletes the message - unaware that Amy could do with talking to him right now...

So that was Pond Life - a generally funny mini-series which shockingly turns sombre at the last minute, leading us neatly into tomorrow's Asylum of the Daleks. Quite a few press pictures which have been claimed for Asylum and for The Power of Three have now been explained (such as the image above).

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