Friday, 4 August 2017

C is for... Carter (2)

Penny Carter was the science correspondent for The Observer newspaper, investigating the weight loss claims of Adipose Industries at the same time that the company was attracting the attention, separately, of the Doctor and Donna Noble. Whilst not suspecting alien activity, she was concerned about their miraculous results. She decided to hide in the company's HQ after it had closed, concealing herself in a cubicle in the Ladies' toilets. Donna had the same idea, and at first thought that it was she who had been discovered by Miss Foster and her security men. Whilst being interrogated in Miss Foster's office, the Doctor and Donna spied on her, he from outside the window and she from the glass panel on the door. This was the first time they had seen each other since the Racnoss incident of two Christmases ago. Penny was untied, only to be recaptured and tied to a chair again. After the Adipose spacecraft had come to collect their youngsters, and Miss Foster had plunged to her death, Penny emerged from the building - still tied to a chair. She was convinced the Doctor and Donna were crazy.

Played by: Verona Joseph. Appearances: Partners in Crime (2008).

  • Had Catherine Tate not returned to do Series 4, journalist Penny Carter would have been the new companion to replace Martha Jones.

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