Thursday, 16 March 2017

Reviews - a word about future developments

Just a quick word about my on-going reviews of Doctor Who stories. Naturally, each week I will be letting you know my thoughts on the new stories that are going to be making up Series 10. These will probably be on the Saturday night, but might not see light until the day after. I often like to watch an episode twice before commenting on it, with a pause between.
As far as the on-going series reviews go - the ones that commence with "In which..." and conclude with "Things you might like to know...", I will be cutting back on these for the 12 weeks that the new series runs. As I have now reached Army of Ghosts / Doomsday, I will also be phasing in reviews of Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures stories - trying to ensure that they gel together and interrelate. My look at Series 3, for instance, will be interspersed with reviews of TW Series 1, as End of Days has to fit in with the start of Utopia; Rani can't have joined Sarah, Luke and Clyde until after Journeys End, and The Last Sontaran has to come after The Poison Sky - but before Journeys End, and so forth.
Confused? I hope you won't be.
The A-Z entries will carry on weekly, as I like the randomness of them, and the Inspirations ones will also carry on regardless, as I love revisiting the earlier stories - and they offer me a chance to delve into all sorts of weird and wonderful tangents.

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