Saturday, 11 March 2017

B is for... Beth

Torchwood were called in after a house break-in went wrong. Both burglars were brutally killed, and Beth Halloran's husband left hospitalised. She had no recollection of events. Beth was taken to the Hub for questioning, and it was noted that a Weevil in its cell reacted strangely to her - bowing down in her presence. Under a mind probe, alien technology was found to be grafted under the skin of her right arm, which could transform into a sharp bladed weapon. Jack Harkness deduced that she was an alien sleeper agent, oblivious to her true nature until activated. The assault by the burglars had triggered her activation prematurely. Other agents were triggered, acting as suicide bombers to cripple the city. One of them went to a military base in order to detonate a nuclear missile, but was stopped just in time. Beth escaped and went to the hospital, where she was compelled to kill her husband. Back at the Hub, she refused to allow the Torchwood team to deprogramme her. She attacked Gwen Cooper - deliberately forcing the team to shoot and kill her.

Played by: Nikki Amuka-Bird. Appearances: Sleeper (TW: 2.2 - 2008).

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