Saturday, 11 March 2017

B is for... Bert

Landlord of the "Cloven Hoof" pub in the village of Devil's End. He was a servant of the new vicar, Mr Magister - the latest alias of the Master. The Master sought to take over the psionic powers of the long dormant Daemon, Azal. Bert worked against the Doctor and UNIT, at first surreptitiously. He later tried to kill the Doctor by shooting him as he drove back to the village on a motorcycle. Donning a costume made of newspaper strips during the May Day festival, he acted as leader of the villagers when the Morris Dancers captured the Doctor - inciting them to burn him as a witch. The Doctor used Bessie's remote control to overpower him. When Bok emerged from the cavern beneath the village church to hold UNIT at bay, it refused to differentiate between friend and foe and Bert was vapourised.

Played by: Don McKillop. Appearances: The Daemons (1971).

  • McKillop's most famous role is that of the police inspector, who ultimately gets his head ripped off by An American Werewolf in London.

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