Saturday, 11 March 2017

B is for... Bettan

A young Thal woman whom the Doctor met in their city. He had just failed to stop the launch of the Thal missile which had destroyed the Kaled city, and the Doctor feared that Sarah and Harry had been killed in the explosion. The Doctor saved her when the Daleks arrived to begin exterminating her people. Escaping to the wilderness of Skaro, the Doctor tasked her with finding as many survivors of either side as she could, along with some of the Mutoes - to form an army against Davros and his creations. Bettan led them to the Kaled bunker, where they set about mining the entry - planning on entombing the Daleks. Sarah and Harry talked her into delaying blowing the charges until after the Doctor had a chance to escape with the Time Ring they needed to be reunited with the TARDIS

Played by: Harriet Philpin. Appearances: Genesis of the Daleks (1975).

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