Friday, 24 March 2017

B is for... Bigon

An Athenian citizen whom the Doctor and his companions encountered on an alien spaceship which was rapidly approaching present day Earth. Bigon was apparently over 2000 years old. The spaceship belonged to Monarch, leader of the Urbankan race, and he had been visiting the Earth for millennia, collecting Bigon on his last trip. His great longevity was revealed to be due to him having an artificial body, with his memories, personality and intelligence saved on micro circuits.
Bigon quickly joined forces with the TARDIS crew, leading Monarch to temporarily de-circuit him due to his act of rebellion. The Doctor talked fellow android Lin Futu into reactivating Bigon, once Monarch's plan had been revealed. Bigon and the other androids set off to find a new home once Monarch had been defeated.

Played by: Phillip Locke. Appearances: Four To Doomsday (1982).

  • Some of Locke's more villainous roles include the henchman Vargas in the Bond movie Thunderball, and a mad optician in the Avengers episode that featured Jon Pertwee as a Brigadier - From Venus With Love. He also played Prof. Moriarty in a Sherlock Holmes Broadway stage production in the mid 1970's.

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