Friday, 24 March 2017

B is for... Billy

A young man who worked as a handyman at the "Shangri-La" holiday camp in South Wales in the summer of 1959. He was also the lead singer of the band which entertained the campers, and had a great love of motorcycles. When a Navarino tour bus - really a disguised spaceship - crash landed outside the camp, Billy became infatuated with one of the passengers. She was Delta, Queen of the Chimeron race, who was on the run from the genocidal Bannermen.
Billy discovered Delta's true nature, and took it in his stride. He quickly accepted the baby Chimeron that had hatched from an egg Delta was carrying - a Chimeron princess. Billy took Delta and the rapidly growing child on a picnic, but they were tracked down by his friend Ray and the Doctor, come to warn them that the Bannermen had landed nearby. Ray carried a torch for Billy, but his heart obviously now belonged to Delta. Learning about the special food which Delta gave to the child, Billy took some for himself. After helping the Doctor capture the Bannermen, using his technical skills to boost the loudspeaker system to stun them, Billy transformed into a partial Chimeron. He gave Ray his treasured motorbike, but kept his guitar, and left Earth with Delta and the princess.

Played by: David Kinder. Appearances: Delta and the Bannermen (1987).

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